Request for Presenters

Request for Presenters

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Submission Deadline: July 8, 2013

We invite you to foment positive change at this critical moment in history.  If you are an activist, analyst, organizer, agitator, advocate, or have knowledge to share, please send us a workshop proposal. Join the Rendezvous!  

Important Details:

We will provide large tents for workshops, or you can meet outside. Electicity and Power Point projectors will not be available.  If you will need tables, pens and paper, easels, etc, it would be best if you bring them with you. If that is not feasible, contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange. Registration is not required, so group sizes may vary widely.  We anticipate having several hundred attendees.  Multiple workshops will take place at a time.   Time slots are 1 hour and thirty minutes, including time for questions and discussion.  A workshop may run for two consecutive time slots if necessary. We cannot compensate presenters, but can provide homestays if you don’t want to camp. 

Please send us a description of your workshop proposal including:

  • 1)     Proposed Title of Presentation.
  • 2)     Speaker Name(s), Affiliation, Address, Email & Phone.
  • 3)     Three or four sentences describing the presentation content.
  • 4)     Prior workshop-leading experience; has presentation been done at other events?
  • 5)     Indicate what percentage of your workshop will be lecture; interactive/discussion; and hands-on.
  • 6)     Do you have an ideal audience/group size?  Is there a minimum or maximum number that you can work with?

Submission deadline:  Monday July 8, 2013. Notification of accepted proposals will be made by July 22.

For more information, contact Anne Morse, phone: 802-281-4432  email: OR Carrie Glessner, 802-744-6122 email:

The following workshop topics and categories are offered as suggestions. Proposals are not limited to these topics. 

Truth Finding your voiceStrategies for ‘Speaking Truth to Power’Carbon and capital myths and truths


Networking in discussion groups

Slow money, depowering corporations

Political theatre

What is a Culture of Resistance?

Tools for making right relationships

Ways to build cultural sovereignty

What would Aldo Leopold say?

Decoupling economy and consumption

Ways to foster a love of the earth

Educating youth and others

Building bridges for cultural change projects

Justice  (when there isn’t justice it’s up to us to create it)Civil disobedienceOrganizing and action/tacticsPlanning actions; group organization; collaboration and leadership

Influencing policy

Non-violence theory and practice

Building a biocentric worldview

Becoming a change agent

Stewardship through action and accountability


New, radical, and practical ways to conserve energy

New  (and old) technology and our energy future

Energy policy and corporations

How our energy system works